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The Green Brigade Banner ? Get over it lads.

I have spoken.

Fitba fans are class. In some ways, they really are the most tedious humans in the world, but you have to respect their commitment at being outraged over anything within the confinement of a stadium, so despite their flaws, deep down they’re class because they create debate with their reactions to something so futile and trivial as a banner.

The banner was, as you all know, a dig at Dedryck Boyata, who the overwhelming majority of Celtic fans have lambasted for his antics in the past few weeks, from refusing to play against AEK Athens, to quite literally saying he’ll be downing tools for the club.

So it was no surprise that the modern day fickle and fragile fitba fan went from being raging at Boyata’s inclusion in the team, to acceptance when he inevitably scored the winner to seal three points against the mighty Hamilton.

So the fans projected their anger at a guy who refused to play in a vital game for us, and then booed him ? Good on them.

What harm is it doing Boyata ? He’s on a stage, it’s panto stuff, and after the way him and his agent acted in the summer he deserved it 100%.

What do the people laying into the Green Brigade think Boyata did after the game ? Whine about it to his wife and family and say ‘Listen, I don’t think Celtic fans are the best in the world anymore, we should probably contact UEFA and let them know’.

No, I’d imagine he went to the nearest bank machine, checked his balance and went ‘I’m awright now’.

He will already be completely over yesterday, and you should too.

To those who are not, I simply say - Grow Up.