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Celtic pander to Boyata as predicted

Everyone makes mistakes but come on to fuck.

Celtic FC v Bayern Muenchen - UEFA Champions League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

After his childish antics in the last few weeks, the sobering feeling that other clubs aren’t as interested in his services like he assumed they would be has no doubt hit Dedryck Boyata like a train, and has resulted in him and his agent ‘negotiating’ with Celtic, their very own ‘In case of emergency break glass’ move.

And Celtic, as predicted, won’t go medieval on Boyata, but will offer him a way back into the team, solidifying how much we will take anything that is flung at us just now with no retaliation whatsoever.

Let’s not kid ourselves either, for everyone moaning about how he’s ‘done’ and ‘has no way back’ - Boyata is just one crunching slidetackle on Alfredo Morelos away from being a ‘legend’ and ‘one of our own’ again, and everything him and his agent have cooked up over the summer will be forgotten about.

I would honestly not rule out the manager saying ‘it’s like a new signing’ if he strolls back into the team again and plays a few games on the spin.

At least that way we can save more money and be richer than Rangers as always, right ?