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A big week for KT

Bids a-plenty apparently

Motherwell v Celtic - Scottish Cup Final Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

We read that Everton were considering a big for Kieran Tierney, and we laughed, because they can’t match his future ambitions, and are nowhere near the size and stature of Celtic.

However, reports over the weekend suggested that Tottenham Hotspur could be about to test Celtic’s resolve with a big money deal for Scotland’s best defender.

KT is Celtic through and through, and would possibly play for us for nothing, but this is Celtic we’re on about as well and the decision to rake in over £20m for him is one that the top beaks would strongly consider and it’s a figure that they’d likely agree on for him to speak to new clubs.

Celtic losing Tierney would be a huge blow ahead of a massive period for the club, as we prepare for the first of four stages of Champions League qualifying, not to mention he’s the best player we’ve developed in years. One of our own as well, if you will.

It could of course, amount to nothing. Remember when Atletico Madrid were watching him at the final against Motherwell in May, and seemed set to bid for him soon afterwards ? Aye well, that clearly happened.

It could be that nothing happens this week at all with KT, and you can file all this under jackanory.