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Nadir Ciftci, farewell.

There is not any eulogy here.

International Champions Cup 2016 - Celtic v Barcelona Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

The club have put up an emotional detailed statement confirming everyone’s second favourite banter signing will be leaving Celtic this month.

After Scott Allan, there’s no doubt that Ciftci was signing purely for patter purposes, but to what extent I’m unaware of, considering no one else in Scotland could afford him when he was signing from Dundee United.

There’s no over the top eulogy here like many others sites will probably do and compile a ‘best of’ video along with how he was ‘one of our own’ and all that crap.

He shouldn’t have been signed, and in the end, his career’s probably suffered from joining us at a time he genuinely was not going to offer us anything.

Still, that bank balance.......fair play to him.

Hopefully he does alright somewhere else.

I’m just saying what you’re all thinking. It really isn’t that big a deal is it.