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World Cup Watch: Thomas Rogic

Australia Media Opportunity & Training Session Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Next in our World Cup Watch previews, it’s the guy you all think is this current Celtic team’s Nakamura, the bold Thomas ‘Tom’ Rogic.

Who is he up against ?

Saturday 16th June: France

Thursday 21st June: Denmark

Tuesday 26th June: Peru

Will he feature past the group stages?

Australia are going to need a miracle to get through their group, and Rogic himself will need to be at the centre of said miraculous actions if the ‘Socceroo’s (groan) are going to get into the knockout stages. France are likely to smash the group, with a bold prediction of Peru finishing second - yes ahead of Denmark. The Aussies can certainly take something off the Scandinavians, but three points is the best that they can hope for in my opinion. If indeed Rogic and co do manage to get out of that group, they will then face Argentina or Croatia, which surely would be a step too far for The Croc’s Eleven.

Will Celtic be fighting off transfer bids if he has a good world cup?

If he hadn’t just signed a new five year deal a few weeks ago, then yes, probably, but now teams will likely patch him and his performances completely after that news. It is what it is.

Gulag Rating

0/10. Like Gamboa, a very placid and bland individual who is unlikely to be the next Soap Mactavish in the eyes of the Russians.