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Here Comes A New Challenger

Insert 50p To Continue

Liverpool v Stoke City - Premier League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

First there was ‘Warbs’. Then there was ‘Ped The Ted’. Finally there was ‘Murty Bhoy’.

Now, the arcade machine in the shape of The Old Lady of Edmiston Drive has had another fifty pence coin inserted as a new challenger to Brendan ‘M Bison’ Rodgers awaits.

Step forward, Steven ‘Stevie’ Gerrard, who will now go toe to toe with our manager, dugout to dugout, after serving him so well as his captain at Liverpool.

Gerrard will be announced as manager of Rangers at 3pm today.

Rangers have been lamented by their support for displaying incredible levels of ineptness, lack of leadership and stupidity, on and off the park, so instead of appointing a manager who is experienced enough to stop the Celtic Machine and their inevitable march to ten and beyond, they’ve just done their very own John Barnes moment, and brought in another huge gamble at a time when they cannot possibly afford to be experimenting with this type of appointment.

Analysis : It is a solid RTP from me, but once again, it is going to end in tears and their season will be over in mid November.