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Did we ‘do a Dunfermline’ and lie down ?

Of course we didn’t.

Celtic v Aberdeen - Scottish Premier League Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

I will address this right away, before many fans try and find my address out for panning my windows - but no, we did not.

Fifteen years ago, Chris Sutton’s comments that Dunfermline lay down to Rangers on the last day of that stunning 02/03 season left many people in Scottish FItba aghast at his remarkable shoot, but yesterday Celtic were facing accusations by many greeting faced supporters in Govan after yesterday’s dismal 1-0 defeat to Aberdeen, ending our impeccible 100% record against the biggest losers in the country.

Look at our results at home this season, look at our performances in the league this season when we have lost games, and then ask yourself, William, ‘Did they really lie down?’

Going into yesterday’s game, Celtic put in a pathetic display in a 0-0 draw in midweek to Kilmarnock, and twice in three weeks we also drew 0-0 with Motherwell and Dundee, not to mention we’re twenty four points down on last season’s overall points total.

Had Rangers capitalised on the several instances that we had dropped points this season, and focused on their own failings, who knows what they could have achieved, but instead of having a look at themselves and persisting with clowns like Morelos up front missing sitter after sitter but insisting ‘he’ll be class next season’ and believing their own hype when Murty Mania ran wild against Fraserburgh and Ayr, they will go into the bampot mode and do a whip-around to publish an advert in a Swiss newspaper about how corrupt Scottish Fitba is. We would never do that of course.

We weren’t asleep at the switch, we were just drunk, if you will.

So thanks to Brendan and the boys for delivering seven in a row anyway, even if it was won before a ball was kicked as always, just like Saturday’s cup final will be too.