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Chelsea fed up with Celtic over Musonda?

Conte to Rodgers : WHERES THE BEEF

Celtic v Hearts - Scottish Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

According to The Scotsman, Chelsea are losing patience with Celtic and Brendan Rodgers over the lack of appearances that on-loan winger Charly Musonda has made.

The article also suggests Chelsea are that angry with our manager that his treatment of the loanee will scupper any chances of him being the Stamford Bridge boss in the future.

Doubtful. Everyone in football is fickle and they don’t have long memories. From the fans to the boardroom, one week you’re the worst persion to exist, then you’re a legend the next.

Just look at the Lustig situation from the weekend and his hero status again to prove my point.

Hopefully this is the last long term loan signing we make from a Premiership club though, and focus on just developing our own players from the youth system, as well as buying in quality on a permanent basis.

It’s a tiresome policy and I’m fed up of it and I’m sure the TOP BEAKS at Celtic will read this through article and analysis and agree with me.