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We Predicted It

Soothsayers ? Not for me to say but............yes

Celtic v Rangers - Scottish Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

After getting the Zenit St Petersburg outcome wrong, TJDS HQ came in for a doing online, and many readers of the blog voiced their shock at us not forseeing the events that unfolded. We’re only human, but nonetheless, the world sat up and took notice at this setback.

Sally Morgan, Chip Doffey, Uri Gellar and even Derren Brown gave us the backing to go on and make rash and bold predictions with no consequences so we decided to go again, and we’re delighted to announce that we predicted it with Sunday’s result.

In all seriousness, it would have been more of a surprise had we NOT taken five off a team who should be deeply embarrassed to even be known as our ‘rivals’.

On March 26 2000, Celtic collapsed at Ibrox and were subjected to a 4-0 humiliation and had it not been for Johnny Gould in goals that day, it could have easily been double figures.
Celtic acted on this, and the next summer, Martin O’Neill was brought in, and our fortunes were changed.

Rangers March 26 2000 moment was yesterday. Forget the 5-1 games, forget the cup smashings at Hampden, this was by far their lowest ebb since they returned to the premiership.

Will their board act and appoint an experienced , no nonsense, authoritative manager who can change their fortunes ? Highly doubtful, as they seem to be gunning to bring in an untested rookie who will, at best, ensure they are mentioned in a few pubs in England for five minutes.

I knew yesterday would be a walk in the park, but not to that extent. It was easier than the recent semi final canter, and while we can laugh at the ineptness of Rangers, it must be said that Celtic were excellent and from the off, ensured the game was played at such a rapid pace that Graham Dorrans and Andy Halliday’s fitness levels resembled guys who had been invited for a ‘play for a day’ session, instead of looking like genuine professionals.

With Celtic’s Scottish core dominant, and the on-loan Edouard highly impressive slotting in for the injured Dembele, Rangers had no answer to the confident and assured performance levels that were put in, and not for the first time.

Had it not been for Jack Alnwick, it could have been ten.

We’ll see ten however, just after 2020, when we make history and finally surpass that nine in a row record.

Will it be more than ten ? Highly likely, permitting we keep recruiting wisely, and our rivals keep making a fool of themselves, there’s no limit to how many successive league titles we will end up with.

And when it happens, remember that we, you guessed it, predicted it.