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The Treble Treble - next season’s inevitable conclusion.

Not for me to say but...........probably.

Celtic v Rangers

Aside from Rangers being at it again with the patter by releasing yet more statements, there’s not a lot happening before the game on Sunday. We’re sure the buzz will pick up around Friday afternoon as many people get work out of the way and look forward to a weekend in which Celtic are destined to clinch seven in a row by gubbing their rivals from the southside(Who?Queens Park?? Because imo Sevco are not our rivals! - some moron) to claim another league title.

The double treble is a certainty, but what of next season ? Can anyone even stop us picking up a treble treble ? In my, but don’t just take my expert word for it, read what Stilyan Petrov had to say to Matthew ‘Matt’ Lindsay at The Herald.

He did, however, point out that while Celtic can only beat what is in front of them more often than not, the lack of a genuine challenge compared to what he faced as a player with is probably going to be an obstacle to come in the future for our best players.

As long as Rangers keep up with their dedication to the RTP narrative, Aberdeen keep bottling the chance to mount a credible challenge and Hearts/Hibs aren’t bought over by an oligarch, the next few years seem set to stay the way they have done since Brendan Rodgers was appointed back in May 2016.