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Rodgers for Arsenal ? Nah.

In fitba manager maybe.

Rangers v Celtic - Scottish Cup Semi Final Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

After twenty two years, most of them patter-filled, Arsene Wenger will finally chuck the managerial gig at Arsenal.

The man who canned the premiership’s pre match diet of fish and chips, scrapped the bevvy and single handedly saved the GCHQ is off at the end of this season and almost on cue, Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers’ name has popped up all over that internet as one of the favourites to take over, despite saying he’s very happy up here in Glasgow.

There’s not a realistic chance of this happening, because Arsenal fans are indeed the worst in the UK, with not one ounce of credibility left as a fanbase, and they would demand someone who was approved and commissioned by their Fan TV channel, the epitome of guys who aren’t clued up on fitba and specifically only know what is happening in and around the London city area.

Brendan Rodgers would be scoffed at by these half time hummus eating, snapchat obsessed cretins, who genuinely wouldn’t know a winner when they see one.

For all I do think the hubris with our manager is over the top and at times bordering on the unhinged, he’s a guy who is ultimately a winner and he has more sense than to go to a club who cannot shake off their tag as perennial losers, and he can do much better than that lot.

He’s got another title to win tomorrow. Arsenal won’t be in that position for at least five years - at a minimum.

I know where I’d rather be, and so does he.

Easter Road tomorrow will be the venue for the big dogs, the Emirates is where they go to get put down.

Here’s to more years of misery Arsenal, it’s all you deserve.