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Craig Gordon takes the time to patronise Alfredo Morelos

Lolador is done imo

Rangers v Celtic - Scottish Cup Semi Final Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Remember this split screen advert from HEBS ?

It was indeed, a classic advert from the 90’s and it’s possibly the best way to summarise the fortunes of Celtic and Rangers at the moment.

On the right side of the split screen are Celtic. Strong, in control and a clear future ahead.

On the left side of the screen are Rangers. On a permanent comedown from a brief high in 2016, with no sight of the nightmare ending soon and on their knees begging for financial miracles and saviours.

Amidst the infighting and rammies at Ibrox, our under-performing Swede Mikael Lustig is even popping in with digs and lowblows out of nowhere and no one at the Govan club even has the gravitas to respond to him with a fly retort. There’s nothing there. He won’t even get a reaction.

However, the ultimate humiliation post-Hampden dished out has to be Craig Gordon’s shoot on Alfredo ‘Lolador’ Morelos, claiming the fat Colombian must be sick of the sight of him after failing to score numerous easy chances in the last three games he’s faced Celtic, with the big goalie foiling him at Celtic Park and most recently Hampden.

Gordon stated ‘I’m sure he’ll get one against me eventually’ in the above article, and it’s a classic condescending tone which is sure to complete the end of Morelos, whose time as Rangers chief outlet against us is now surely over.

Cheer up Alfredo, yer only smokin it!