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Cheer that, idiots.

It’s now a parody of a fixture.

Rangers v Celtic - Scottish Cup Semi Final Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

It was almost an achievement in itself, but Rangers put in perhaps their most inept ever performance against us yesterday at Hampden, which is some feat, when you consider their previous laughable attempts to challenge us.

I didn’t think you could get any easier than last season’s 2-0 Hampden cruise but how wrong was I ? A first it would seem.

Graeme Murty, thank you!

Any fears of a potentially difficult game were quashed in the first five minutes when Celtic camped entirely in Rangers half, with our rivals pathetically allowing themselves to be bullied yet again in this recurring fixture.

We were reminded time and time again about how the Rangers players cheered when they drew us in the semi final not so long after CRUSHING Falkirk at Ibrox, and you have to RTP (respect the patter) it rather than be raging at it now. Even then, our fans worked themselves into a shoot over it, but I just remember laughing at the misplaced hubris and thinking that while they had improved under Murty at the time, they were still quite some way off landing a punch on us, never mind a knockout blow.

Our rivals once again gave us nothing that was memorable for the right reasons, from their viewpoint at least, but the game will be remembered for the deep depths of sheer hilarity that they plummeted to, ensuring that the ‘banter years’ are not going away anytime soon.

The scoreline itself was a laugh, but the manner in which Murty’s men self imploded was beyond You’ve Been Framed! levels of funny, at times it seemed deliberate. From Andy ‘Marble Staircase’ Halliday being hooked before half time and made an example of, his beetroot faced greeting in front of the coaching staff being tolerated, to the ‘Right, that’s it’ inspired way that Ross McCrorie chucked it right after a ‘galvanising’ half time talk, all the way to their fans pouring out of Hampden on the 54 minute mark, not even being able to achieve 55 on the clock, was tremendous.

There’s no doubt Rangers hit that big destruct button after a few minutes, because while Celtic were competent, they still didn’t put in an inspiring performance, although it’s fair to say against this lot they don’t really need to bother that much to get a result anymore.

Perhaps I’m being harsh, but when Dembele scored his penalty, I was looking at 6/7-0 after that, and was gutted we didn’t go for it.

This fixture is now clearly a parody of itself. A once tense and nail bitingly panic stricken clash of two rivals has turned into a Tom and Jerry relationship, where no matter what, Rangers(Tom obviously) keep on failing to achieve their goal, and look like utter morons by the end of the act.

For Celtic, there’s no concerns for the rest of the season. We can win the league even if we lose every remaining match, because our competition is woefully getting worse and worse, as we have seen throughout the season, and Aberdeen’s result at Hampden on Saturday was not a surprise, so Motherwell will be the last step between us and another treble, which I said on GIGPOD (RIP sweet prince) back in September last year that we’d win again.

I predicted it!

There’s a 100000000/1 chance that the Lanarkshire outfit will be able to stop us, so we should be preparing for another season of history making again, which is mad, considering this hasn’t even been a vintage campaign!

A strange feeling, but I’d rather be in this position than looking like imbeciles, and I’m sure Rangers fans would agree, but there’s no sign that the shift in power is going to change any time soon, and by soon I mean at least ten years or so.

Cheer this article lads.