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The dreaded international back.

We’ll make up lies for the next ten days.

Scotland Training Session Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

It’s the week that every fitba fan in this country dreads, national team duty takes precedence over club business for our players and the fans, like clockwork, groan and mumble at this particular period in the footballing calendar.

The next ten days will be slow news of the highest order, so expect many ex Celtic players, and ‘prominent’ pundits and high profile fans to spout garbage in order to get more hits than usual when there’s no Premiership fixtures to talk about.

In the meantime, the legend that is WALTER has had to #admitit and accept Celtic are top dogs in this city, and if Rangers do not get their act together next season they will need to prepare for many more consecutive titles lifted by Celtic, way after we do ten.

One of the players who is brilliant when he doesn’t feature on the park, Cristian Gamboa, has said despite hardly being on the pitch contributing for us, he’s loving life at Celtic and especially praises Kieran Tierney. TEN MORE YEARS PLEASE.

And finally, after facing heavyweights such as Brechin, Partick Thistle and Morton in the Scottish Cup, the semi final has draw was kind to us to put us up against minnows Rangers at Hampden in a few weeks, and the ticket information is here and the price is more than fair for once! The SFA.......................are legends!