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The Snow Day Round Up

Cloudy with a chance of Lustig patter

Hibernian v Celtic - Betfred League Cup Semi Final Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images

Brendan Rodgers has came out with the condescending ‘Celtic Servant’ patter regarding Mikael Lustig. Everyone knows he’s been here for six years, and he’s hardly been getting paid peanuts so let’s can that terrible ‘servant’ phrase, the fact is he’s been in very poor form for quite some time now, and regardless of how long he’s been employed by us, he needs dropped. Book it, Brendan.

Chris Davies says that Celtic will treat Morton like a Champions League team at the weekend. Congratulations on your 5-0 win, Jim Duffy.

And finally, Brendan’s also set for a BOUT with the SFA over the Scotland friendlies in May and June later this year, to ensure the players get another trip to Dubai, or some other luxurious country.

That actually is fair game though, and for once even I have no complaints with the managers stance on this with the SFA.

We’re sure Scottish Fitba Twitter will take the call offs well, when they happen!