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Chris Erskine’s bad shoot on our defence.

I see the brave pills are back on the market.

2017 SPL Premier league Partick v Celtic May 18th Photo by Vagelis Georgariou/Action Plus via Getty Images

When a team like Celtic lose a game, the patter in the press after it goes one of two ways.

There’s the ‘wounded animal’ response where the opponent will claim that’s when we will be at our most dangerous.

There’s also the ‘They just got beat, so we’ll try and do what the other team that beat them did as well’ response. ‘This team is fired up we came here to play’, if you will.

While Kilmarnock did indeed show that our defence is nowhere near Faslane standard, Erskine’s forgetting a few things with his patter in The Daily Record this morning.

Firstly, Kilmarnock are a far better team than Thistle. Partick have no one in their team on the same level as Youssuf Mulumbu or even Jordan Jones, plus are in a better position in the league with a far superior goal difference.

Secondly, Thistle last beat Celtic in 1995, with their winless run against us now stretching to twenty six matches, including jobbing to that Deila era Celtic.

Finally, even with Ajer and Boyata out, Simunovic and Lustig can effortlessly slot in to replace them and this is at Celtic Park, where we will be comfortable not getting out of first gear to progress to the next round of the cup.

The build up to these games are always the same, and in time, the result will be too.

Fair play to Chris Erskine for working me into a shoot before half nine in the morning though.

A legend ? Not for me to say.