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Armstrong’s Back, Jack.

Well, maybe.

Celtic v Aberdeen - Scottish Premiership - Celtic Park Photo by Ian Rutherford/PA Images via Getty Images

If reports in The Daily Record are to be believed, and it isn’t like they haven’t spouted lies before, Stuart Armstrong could be back for the Zenit match next week.

There’s a key word there, ‘Boost’.

With the form that he’s been in this season, Armstrong’s return is unlikely to get the fans excited, especially with him saving his worst performances for European competition.

That said, he has excelled in the Europa League knockout stage in the past, with a superb performance against Inter in 2015 and perhaps this is more his level. I’ll try and be patronising next time.

To throw him into what will be a pretty intensive match so soon after being out with that injury is risky though, and in my opinion he should be eased back rather than rushed into games like the Zenit one.

In any case, here’s hoping that the Armstrong we do see for the next couple of months of the campaign is more like last seasons, and less like the disorientated, struggling one we’re seeing this season.