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Rogic out of the Rangers game & McGregor’s new deal

Try and get over it lads.

Australia v South Korea Photo by Albert Perez/Getty Images

The ‘support’ for Tom Rogic on this site is.....unique, to say the least to you can imagine my complete lack of interest or care that he’ll be missing against Rangers on the 29th.

He will be with Australia on international duty as they prepare for the Asian Cup.

Yes, he does the damage against them regularly, but we’ll still be fine. Play Scott Allan in that role and he’ll run amock, and let’s not kid ourselves on and insist he’ll be a crucial miss, because anyone who is mobile and has an OUNCE of creativity in them will be far too much for Rangers to handle. I would imagine Christie or McGregor should be deployed in that role for the match in nine days.

Speaking of Callum McGregor, Scotland’s best midfielder has signed a new contract with Celtic until 2023 which is fantastic news for the club, and he completely deserves it too after being our most consistent performer for years.

Celtic’s efficiency with dishing out new deals for our best Scottish players is notable and can also only be excellent news for the national team, who should be building their teams around our best players.

Well done to the club, and Callum McGregor, for getting this done without a drama.

Just ditch that horrific ‘CalMac’ patter and it would be perfect, but this isn’t an ideal world is it.