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Leigh Griffiths taking ‘time out’

Celtic v Rosenborg - UEFA Europa League - Group B Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Let’s just address what everyone is on about then, Leigh Griffiths will be out for ‘the forseeable’ due to ongoing personal issues, confirmed by the manager today.

There’s rumours it’s a gambling related issue, but there has been nothing solid with this so far, and it may change after this is published, however the club have confirmed they will stand by and support the striker as he sorts whatever it is out.

I’m not going to post that bullshit like ‘it’s ok not to be ok’ and ‘let’s talk about it’ because the people that do that, in general, mainly do it on a twitter timeline but then a second later start posting about a stupid meme or something about a dug, and it’s little more than an empty gesture.

The club will take care of it, and that’ll be that. All the best to him.

And as for us only knowing that there’s going to be a show, 750 brave souls will make the trip to Ibrox, with Celtic confirming we’re going to take the small number of tickets available there.

Whether we take 750, or 7500, it won’t matter a jot as we’ll still win easily anyway.