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Rodgers to Commons : Where’s The Beef?

“No wonder he won Minnesota”

2017 Charity Match Henriks Heroes v Lubos Legends May 28th Photo by Vagelis Georgariou/Action Plus via Getty Images

Many fans have been voicing their displeasure online at the lack of transfer activity so far in the current window, but Brendan Rodgers snapped at criticism by the Prince of the Fan Dividers, Kris Commons, after he had a pop at Celtic’s dilly dallying in January.

The Scotsman’s article here covers the press conference, in which the manager was at his nippiest since he’s arrived at the club, but who hasn’t been in a scunner of a mood after being away in the sun getting bevvied and singing Pitbull on karaoke ?

I still maintain that we’ll end up signing another defender, albeit on loan, in the last week of the window, and when that happens I’m sure Kris Commons will be the first to know!