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TJDS To Lorenzo Amoruso - ‘Shut it’ & Sviatchenko to Southampton ?

Celtic Training - Lennoxtown Photo by Jane Barlow/PA Images via Getty Images

Former Rangers loudmouth and grease advertisement Lorenzo Amoruso has apparently warned the good guys of Italian fitba, Lazio, against spending big cash on Jozo Simunovic

The now grossly overweight Amoruso, who is a British ‘consultant’, or something, for Italian TV channel TV8, gave the big Bosnian a backhanded compliment before saying he’s worth around £4.5m and not the £8m figure that is being brandished about.

True, Jozo has been a large disappointment in the Champions League, but wouldn’t be up against the level of opponents that he was in the past couple of seasons in European competition, and would be a relatively sound purchase for most Serie A teams.

So Lorenzo, with all due respect, shut it, we’ll take as much money as we can get for Jozo. If he played in any other league, they’d have no problem parting with even more for him I suspect.

On the topic of defenders, Erik Sviatchenko, who #admittedit that his time was up in Glasgow, is rumoured to be on the way to Southampton, according to TalkSAINTS

An odd one, considering he was tipped to head back to Scandinavia, and considering he struggled against Martyn Waghorn a few times last season, it’s hard to imagine how he’d fare against the likes of Salah, Rashford and co down in the Premiership!

There’s still a couple of weeks until the transfer window closes, so expect more ridiculous rumours being reported until then.