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Friday Round-Up: Fines, Bans, Statements and Flags...And Izzy’s Leaving Too

Linfield v Celtic - UEFA Champions League Qualifying Second Round: First Leg
Leigh Griffiths Probably Won’t Be Doing This Again
Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

THE BIG STORY: As ever it’s never a dull moment at Celtic, with Leigh Griffiths banned by UEFA for next week’s game against Rosenborg after his ‘improper conduct’ involving a scarf and a goalpost. Celtic were fined and Rosenberg were also fined after their fans’ behaviour at Windsor Park and will have a section of their ground closed next season.

Now onto the home game against Linfield, and UEFA have charged Celtic with ‘illicit banners’, ‘kit infringement’ and ‘stair blocking’. Better get those lawyers’ fees paid Peter! Celtic released a statement about the banners which you can read here. Celtic will face a hearing on these charges a week today, so expect more ‘fallout’ then.

OTHER NEWS: Finally onto on the pitch matters, and it looks like after 7 years Emilio Izaguirre’s time at Celtic is almost over, as he is set to join Saudi Arabian club Al-Fayha. We’ll have a look at Izzy’s time at Celtic once the transfer is confirmed.

The new episode of GIGPOD is out, featuring a look at last night’s game and a preview of the Celtic-Rosenborg games with a man who has played for both clubs, Harald Brattbakk. You can listen to the episode here.