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Upcoming on @GIGPOD.........

"So it's come to this, a GIGPOD clip show."

On the 9th of May this year it will be nineteen years to the day that we stopped Rangers doing ten in a row, and to celebrate one of the most important days in the clubs history we'll be putting together a podcast with the players from that squad who we've spoken to previously (some have yet to be released) about that special season of 1997-1998.

As well as that, Stevie and Reidzo will be reviewing that monumental campaign in detail and recalling the games that where so memorable to them, as well as the stand out players and the unsung heroes from that squad.

We'll also be looking for your memories to read them out on the pod or discuss any opinions about your thoughts on the 97-98 season, so send them into @GIGPOD or @TJDSBLOG !