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Title Triumphs: The Games That Clinched The League

Number 1: Celtic 1 St Mirren 0 April 7th 2001

Celtic players celebrate
Celtic players celebrate winning the title versus St Mirren in 2001

Our new series looking at the games that won Celtic the title begins with the dominant team which emerged in Martin O'Neill's first season as Celtic manager

When you look back at it, the Celtic team which came together in 2000-01 is perhaps one of the best teams in Celtic history. Ok, Europe may have been a disappointment - losing 3-2 to Bordeaux after two games in which we were by far the better team - but domestically we were unstoppable, completing only the third treble in our history. And don't forget that this was a Celtic team which had ended the previous season 21 points behind Rangers.

Weirdly in my opinion, the Martin O'Neill years at Celtic seem to have been slightly forgotten. Maybe it was because it ended so badly at Fir Park in 2005, but time heals most wounds, and O'Neill was a wonderful manager at Celtic. He took the club to pinnacles in Europe that arguably we haven't reached since, and we regularly ruled the school in School, including giving Rangers some right good kickings, which should always be encouraged. More than anything he gave the club back respect, which culminated in the treble in his first season in charge.

Of course, a big part of the reemergence of Celtic were the signings that the club made, the likes of Joos Valgaeren, Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon made instant impacts, players already here such as Paul Lambert and Johan Mjallby found a new lease of life and Henrik Larsson made his return from injury. Larsson was a phenom this season, scoring a total of 53 goals, which despite some other of the other great seasons he had with Celtic was never beaten. It was a perfect storm of things - a great manager and some great players with a point to prove.

To the game itself, and Celtic were expected to record an easy victory. St Mirren were bottom of the table - they would eventually be relegated - and we entered the game a huge 66 points ahead of the Paisley side in the league table. But as so often can happen on title winning occasion, a sense of nerves took over Celtic. Perhaps it was the occasion, but we were finding it hard to create chances.

The only goal of the game came after 38 minutes, and it was scored by an unsung member of the squad as recent GIGPOD guest Tommy Johnson - in for Chris Sutton - took a pass from Henrik Larsson in the penalty box and after a truly abysmal first touch managed to get enough on his shot to squeeze the ball under St Mirren goalie Ludovic Roy into the net. As the song goes "1-0 to the Champions!".

The second half was all about counting down time until the final whistle in all honesty, and the final whistle brought scenes of - you've guessed it - wild celebrations, as the players, management and fans celebrated a title won by a mile.

Outside the stadium the celebrations were even more wild, with street parties being held all over the East End of Glasgow. Celtic were finally back, and this was the game that confirmed it.

Celtic 1 (Johnson 38) St Mirren 0