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The first of a few actors who'll be on the Pod.

The bold yin himself - Tony Roper.

For the last few weeks we had been speaking to Rab C Nesbitt star Tony 'Jamesie Cotter' Roper, about being on the Pod, and after a few face to face meetings fell through, he was finally able to join us on the phone earlier this morning.

Tony spoke about his favourite ever Celt, standard narration work on Celtic media turning into an opportunity to form friendships with the players and management of the famous treble season of 2000/2001, his hit play 'The Celts in Seville' and some patter on the set of Rab C, including one where Rangers fans, shock horror, got really offended at something someone said and demanded they were sacked. Groan.

The 75 year old also did a shoot prediction for next month's semi final and it was a pleasure to speak away to him. He'll be on the Podcast soon enough!