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Twitter Article Poll: Battle of the Craigs

Tennents Scottish Cup Semi Final, Hearts v Celtic
the man with no shirt collar
Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images

With a quiet week ahead due to the international break, we thought we'd use the blog's twitter account - @TJDSBlog - to set up a twitter poll to decide which ex-player to write an article about. The options are: Craig Bellamy or Craig Burley.

Craig Bellamy, the man of many clubs, who came to Celtic on loan from Newcastle to try and rescue a season which was on the verge of falling apart. His brief stay would have many twists and turns, and ultimately end in sadness but tinged with personal glory for Bellamy.

Craig Burley, who came from Chelsea and proved to a pivotal figure in stopping ten in a row but whose departure ended in rancour and who doesn't seem to remember his time at Celtic very fondly, which is disappointing as he was a very good player for us.

So which player will win the vote? At the moment Bellamy is miles ahead but as we all know, polls can quickly change. The article on the winning player will be on the site this week. Vote now!!