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We want your questions for him. Send them on!

Vidar Riseth in the ill fated 99/00 season.

Celtic have had their fair share of Norwegians who have split the support over the years, and coming soon on @GIGPOD we'll be speaking to the one who appeared in a press conference at a pub in the Gallowgate - Vidar Riseth.

The big man arrived at the club during the turbulent bonus row era in 1998 and left in 2001, leaving with a Scottish League Cup winners medal to his name, in a game he also scored in back in March 2000.

He now works for a multi-national supermarket chain and we can only hope that he'll be able to get us discount for Irn-Bru XTRA.

Vidar will be back at Celtic Park on May 28th 2017 when he will be appearing at the Legends V Heroes match and by coincidence, agreed to take your questions for when he'll be on the Pod next week.

So send them into @TJDSBLOG and we'll ask them on your behalf!

We're hopeful that Claudio Reyna gets in touch with us to ask if he's still recovering from that bodying in 1999 as well, but it's not likely.