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Celtic Transfer Target News

Plus stuff about Craig Gordon and Tony Watt

Henry Onyekuru in action for KAS Eupen

Celtic transfer Henry Onyekuru was booed by his team's own fans - and his manager said that he would have booed him too. Onyekuru returned to KAS Eupen after going 'AWOL' and trying to force a move through to Celtic, he was met with abuse from Eupen fans as he played against Waasland-Beveren and his manager Jordi Condom (no laughing at the back) claimed that he would have booed Onyekuru as well. More on the story here:

In other news, Celtic have apparently opened talks with Craig Gordon about a new contract after he didn't join Chelsea in the last transfer window. I suppose this all depends on if Chelsea come back in for Gordon, as he did seem receptive to joining them. Of course, if we offer him a lot of money then he might end up staying. More on the story here:

Finally, forgotten man Tony Watt was up in Scotland to publicise the Scottish Cup this weekend, and claims that he never wants to play in Scotland again. A nation mourns. More on the story here: