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Jan Vennegoor Of Hesselink - Q&A

Hate to say 'exclusive' but I suppose it is. Exclusive. The questions you sent in answered - HERE.

We caught up with the man who scored the title-winning goal at Tannadice in May 2008, Jan Vennegoor Of Hesselink, and he answered your questions for launching this site, so here they are :

'Jan, what was Gordon Strachan like as a manager ? He's got a public persona that everyone knows about, but what was he like to play for ? Any inspirational team talks?'

- Twenty Minute Tims Podcast

Jan : Definitely an inspiring manager. He had some great half time talks and it wasn't a coincidence that we won a lot of games during the last minutes in his period as a manager. He could really give you a right doing during half time if you deserved it, but he was always fair'

'Was there every a point in the 2007/2008 season that you thought the title was gone ? Obviously everyone keeps positive in interviews and press conferences, but was there a moment you all thought it was over ? If so, what made you believe again that the title could be defended ?'

-A Grand Auld Podcast

Jan : Not really because we knew we had them still at home twice and were good enough to beat them. I do remember that home game against Motherwell where spirits were really low after the game but we never had the feeling it was totally over.

'That last minute goal against Rangers - was it your favourite goal of your footballing career?'

- Barry, Larbert

Jan : Yes it was. Scored a few in my career but after looking back at that moment and the aftermath of it all and with becoming champions on the last day in a very emotional way because of the passing of Mr Tommy Burns it was really a memorable goal for me.

'How did you feel having to take a penalty in the shootout against Spartak Moscow having already missed one ? And also, can you name the other four penalty takers for Celtic in that amazing match?'

-Tommy, Stewarton

Jan : Haha good memory. I remember missing the penalty and thinking this could be it. Then the whistle came for the end of the game and I thought take a penalty and get straight back on the horse or don't take a penalty for a really long time! It was the first choice and afterwards I must say that was one of my moments at Celtic that made me stronger as a person! Penalty takers : Caldwell, Nakamura (miss), myself , Zurawski, Riordan. For Spartak - Pavlyuchenko. The rest I couldn't tell you!. Must say my son was looking at YouTube a year and a half ago that's why I also remember I think.

'What was the biggest adrenaline rush ? The moment you scored that goal to win the league at Tannadice or the celebrations afterwards ? And did you all have a laugh at Nacho Novo?'

- Andy Monty, Little Italy

Jan : The celebrations afterwards were out of this world but it can't compare to scoring the goal that wins the league. Adrenaline running through your body it is a really special feeling as you can see on the footage :) and the rivalry in Glasgow that brings something special to the table. I liked that as a player :) No one mentioned Novo!

'The little and large strike-force in rarely seen nowadays, yet it was put to successful use when you and Scott McDonald scored 50 goals between you in that 2007/2008 season. Was he one of the best strikers you have played alongside?'

- Lee, @GIGPOD

Jan : Scott and I liked playing with each other. We had a good working partnership and understood each other. And both of us had certain aspects that came good together. I must say I played with a lot of strikers and they had all different qualities so it's hard to pick one.

'Are Celtic and PSV shopping in similar markets for players and have Celtic signed, or shown interest, in anyone you have watched specifically as a scout?'

- James, @GIGPOD

Jan : We didn't have interest in Dembele at PSV but I have looked at him last year when he was playing at Fulham. So it was good to see for myself too what an improvement he made over the last year and that he has grown as a player and has a lot going for him. I think we are shopping in similar markets money wise but we are looking for a different type of footballer.

8) 'Who was the biggest patter-merchant you ever played with? I have a hunch it was Andy Hinkel. Was there a bigger character than him?'

- Stevie, @GIGPOD

Jan : Haha I liked Andreas to be honest . I had a few characters in the dressing room in my days. Artur Boruc was some guy. Never a dull moment. Jimmy Bullard was a bit of a character always looking to annoy people and making jokes, when I played for Hull.

9) 'Did you enjoy your time in Glasgow for the three years that you lived there, and did you ever spend time in Maryhill?'

- John Reid, Maryhill.

Jan : Really enjoyed my time in Glasgow. My family also loved it. We always try come back every year and meet some friends and see a game. After Christmas my wife,boy and girl (who was born in Glasgow )attended the Ross county game that Celtic won 2-0. Always nice to catch up with friends and a lot of people still involved in the club and that's good to see. Maryhill is close to the west end isn't it. When I was in Glasgow I lived in the west end with the family. Never was in any trouble in Maryhill ;)

And finally.....

' Are you enjoying life after retiring ? How's 2017 looking for you ? '

- The Celtic Support.

Jan : I am for sure enjoying life after retirement. The first two years I took a step back from football to enjoy life with the family and travelled a lot. After that I started doing some stuff for my former club PSV and I really enjoyed it. So I started working as a full time international scout. I travel a lot and watch a lot of games. Lot of players to compare. Great thing to do and like I said really enjoy it!

Our thanks to Jan for taking the time to answer the questions. What a guy.