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AGM 2016 - A Reminder

Reidzo got out his house in 2016 - here's a flashback.

With Celtic currently running away with the league, in a cup final and performing admirably in Europe this year's AGM was a far more peaceful affair then previous years - Ian Bankier didn't even have a rant about the fans!

The AGM began with all of Celtic's big dogs seated at the conference room table - with the SPFL trophy and European Cup proudly on display in the Kerrydale Suite - all except main shareholder Dermot Desmond, who as usual never turned up and sent a proxy instead.

There then followed a video presentation featuring Bankier, Peter Lawwell and Brendan Rodgers enthusing about how Celtic as a club is - fair enough I suppose. All of the directors were successfully renominated to the board - even noted Tory Baron 'Ian' Livingston, so thankfully we were spared the sight of Ian Bankier claiming that Celtic fans were 'racist' at this year's AGM.

The Celtic Trust proposed the idea of a supporters' forum which was accepted - not really sure what this will entail but it did give the guy from the trust the opportunity to have a well-deserved dig at the appalling Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, which were warmly applauded by the crowd.

Then it was time for the long awaited question and answer part of the AGM, always the highlight - but wait - Ian Bankier had a statement about RESOLUTION 12 to make first!!! He said that he'd be meeting with the relevant shareholders/requisitioners/people with too much time on their hands to discuss the matter with them next week. So no news really.

Finally it was onto the Q&A, the most interesting comments included Rodgers claiming that players wanting game time are free to leave in January if possible (a reference to Kris Commons perhaps) and that he only wants to sign players in January who will allow Celtic to develop as a team over the next couple of years. He also said that the main difference between Celtic and clubs down south was the platform - from television money - that they have.

Peter Lawwell said that he doubted that any changes in the 'European football environment' will occur before 2021. There will also be a legends match for charity at the end of the season and a series of events to mark the 50th anniversary of the Lisbon Lions.

A bloke praised Ronnie Deila for the 'job' he done at the club - no comment from me on that. Then came the most surreal moment of the Q&A, a man who cracked a joke about Level 5 PR 'guru' James 'Jim' Traynor, then mentioned HMRC, EBTs and Joey Barton, and ended with a poem, to thunderous applause and laughter.

Unsurprisingly the AGM ended soon after that, and it was time for the all important tea and biscuits (a chocolate cookie - 7/10). All in all, a much quieter day than usual at the AGM, and that's all down to Brendan Rodgers and the players finally giving the fans something to cheer about after a couple of years of turgid football.