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Welcome to the party, pal!

New Site!

If you followed us at the old site - thank you.

If you didn't, get out. There's the door. *David Brent voice/hat backwards*

Seriously though, welcome to our new site here at SB Nation, where we decided to do what we did with pod, in a blog.

We've done alright with the Glasgow is Green Podcast by just speaking about Celtic, and not spouting 'In the know' nonsense and refusing to get involved in any way whatsoever about anything going on over at our city rivals Partick Thistle, and we will be doing the exact same here.

If you're wanting to read stories about Celtic, either the latest news at the club, as well as features and articles about ex managers/players/games/seasons - you'll be into this.

If not - then enjoy donating money to some guy who gets rich off your hard earned cash while lying to you!