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Previously on GIGPOD : Marc Rieper

The Great Dane.

It was at around 12pm a week before Christmas in Edinburgh that I was sitting down sweating and shivering, with the fear well and truly taking over my pathetic excuse for a body.

Reading the above paragraph, you'd think you'd stumbled upon the Trainspotting Wiki, however the point is indeed going to be about an ex Celtic player, who was one of my favourite players to watch week in, week out when I was still a VL at the age of 13. I broke my VL last week I'm delighted to say!

The reason for these sensations were down to the surreal situation of being on the phone to a guy I still think is one of the top five defenders I've seen since I've been supporting Celtic. The definition of 'no nonsense' - Marc Rieper was the centre half we had been screaming out for to finally put a classy boot into Rangers in our quest to stop the ten, and he did just that, while popping up with two extremely crucial goals that season too, both in Edinburgh, which he speaks about on the Pod.

Marc answered your questions that we sent onto him and spoke in detail about the harmony in the squad, and the pressures involved, to stop the ten, as well as why he joined the club from West Ham and also spoke about another Danish defender who is playing a starring role for Celtic just now - Erik Sviatchenko.

Marc is doing well just now away from football having retired in 2000. He's currently on the board at AGF and runs a successful ladies fashion store online.

So if you haven't heard the podcast with Marc, it's available here